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26. April 2018

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I am always on the lookout for artists I can collaborate with. When I first saw Tami’s leather bound albums, I knew I had to meet with her and explore the possibilities.

All my expectations were exceeded when I met her in person, and when I first entered her super magical studio. Tami is one of the kindest people I met. Among many many things, she creates memory books and manages huge memorial projects. It comes as no surprise when one understands her infinite ability to listen, combined with another unique trait – which is utmost perfectionism in her work. Tami in Studio 01
 The result is a breathtaking body of work - memory albums and memory projects, as well as handmade albums she creates using traditional bookbinding techniques she learned while being an apprentice to a third generation bookbinding artist. bookbinding machine

 Her studio is a magical place for those who appreciate traditional crafts. It is filled with legacy machines and binding tools whose average age around a hundred years. The smells of the adhesives and the huge collection of papers and fabrics made me dizzy on my first visit there.

 In our first meeting, over herbal tea and homemade cookies, we thought about what would be the best way to combine our passion to old crafts and meticulous handwork. We fumbled pieces of leather, went through an unbelievable amount of papers (and I thought I had an impressive paper collection. Well, I humbly think differently now…) and fabrics, and decided to make a Wedding Album, such that was never created before.   

The amount of work that went into this project is unbelievable.

We chose the leather and the size. Tami cut all the papers manually while I, in my studio, started to choose from my vintage lace collection – what pieces will go in, how I will compose them, and what image I will embroider – and chose the lovebirds. It took a few weeks of working separately.



Tami put together the baseline of the album – glued each paper to a glassine interleaving paper with her acid-free adhesives – so that the photos that go in have lifetime protection  inside book

In my studio, I started hand stitching the fabric covers with the chosen laces. There are vintage laces from Amsterdam, from Australia, and from Boston in each cover.

album at work

 I embroidered the lovebirds separately, and after sewing them into the larger piece – dotted them with tiny Swarovski Crystals – to enhance the beauty of the material while still allowing a subdued and delicate result.

 I used silk and cotton threads – so the entire album is 100% natural. birds

The first fitting didn’t go so well. We found out that we had a mistake in the calculation of the fabric size. Instead of tweaking it to fit the album we decided to add a guestbook to the set and use the ready covers for it and make a new matching cover for the album.


This time the cover and the albums fit perfectly and putting together the album and the lacy cover was exciting and thrilling.

album making

The result is one-of-a-kind set of wedding album and guest book, put together using old techniques and handmade to the very last detail. It seems like an appropriate home for memories of one’s most special day.





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