Love in a Box

18. July 2016

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A tin box of memories, wishes and love  


A little child’s box, with all that is dear to her, collected over the years while the box collects dents and rust. A man’s childhood treasure, with the marble he once won and the gift his grandfather gave him, all these years ago. A woman, collecting all the things her beloved gave her to capture his love in one tin box that she keeps hidden.  


The concept behind the “love in a box” started many years ago and it was the original idea for my shop, but it took three years to mature into what I envisioned.. Giving a box of memories and love, wishes and dreams to a person you love to convey your emotions with something that is both physical and pure emotional.

In this line I used clear lead tin boxes as my container. Of course I have a lifetime weakness for tin boxes and have a huge collection of them.

The message is hand stitched on vintage laces and fabrics of which I make a band that hugs the box. All by hand, countless hours of hand sewing love into fabric. The rest comes naturally, almost inevitably. The Swarovski starfish, the rusty heart, the embroidered bird. They just ask to be added.

rusty_heart bon_voyage miss_you


There are bands with no textual message at all. Just as these love birds carry their message by simply being love birds.

 bird box


To give space for more words I added a matching greeting card to each of the bands. A small booklet, stitch bound with Italian text paper and spacious enough for words and pictures and some XOXes.




And then there are the fillers. For some years now I found the perfect gift to my own loved ones – my daughters, my sister, my best friend – is to take a box and fill it with all the things that represent the specific, special love between us.

I created three filler kits with different messages of love.          

The first kit I simply call – The Love kit. It is a childhood memory tin box with things I would myself have collected and cherished through the years. I like the abundance of tiny things, and the fact that each and every item in it carries an emotional meaning.

 love kit open love kit inbox

The second one is to wish well for someone who is not, who needs that hug in a box to get better. Things that the Chinese have known for years to have a warming effect. Cinnamon sticks, chamomile, dried roses, a natural olive oil soap, and a literal hug from a sweet kewpie I found in one of my visits to Cambridge, Massachusetts.


get_well_inbox get_well_open


And it goes great with the “Be Well” and “Get Well Soon” box sets  


be_well_with_kit get_well_with_kit


I call the last filler kit Keep in Touch  kit. As in the German legend of the “String of the heart” –this box can serve as a virtual string to stay connected with  someone loved who’s away from you.

Everything in this box is handmade with attention to the last detail.


KIT_kit_in_box KIT_kit_open

It is a stationary set that includes:

Lace bound Moleskine notebook, 3 folded cards and envelopes, a romantic trifold card with Swarovski heart, canvas and paper gift tags, and natural wood pencils tied with Sari silk.

By now I think my shop starts to fulfil its true vocation…. I hope you would find my boxes an appropriate vessel for your love.

All the best




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