As soft as flannel

14. August 2016


I find that the best way to unleash my creativity is to let materials guide me. A few weeks ago I felt an uncontrollable urge to try flannel. As most of my urges I found this one too very hard to control. Since it was already closing time for my fabric shop, I begged the owner to get me 3 yards to his home (!!!) waited outside for almost an hour for him to arrive (hoping against hope that he would not call the police to report this crazy lady asking for white flannel) and started working on it the same night. Luckily not only flannel is apparently hard to get in the middle of the summer, but they only had it in white. Which meant I had to tea dye it. The result was so yummy that I concentrated my heart and soul to create in this soft babyish material since that day. I confined myself to small size and to base the creation on flannel for this period of time. These rules of size and softness resulted in a series of ooak blank greeting cards nested in flannel envelopes and adorned with old laces and Swarovski elements. I even hand dyed the sewing threads for this series so it will all be natural and cohesive. I gave myself time to find a paper that will fit the fabric softness and will go along with it – and BINGO. A couple of days ago I found this handmade rice paper in an art shop and could complete the series – lining the rice paper with heavy, cream cover paper and stitching everything together.

This is just the beginning. New cards are being created as I write this, and will be uploaded to the shop shortly. In the service of true love I will also have them shipped free of charge! 


All the best

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